Kitchen Remodling

There are many rooms in your home that may need a facelift, but few provide as many benefits, to a homeowner, as a kitchen remodel. We could discuss, for days, all the different aspects and features that a newly remodeled kitchen provides, but I will only highlight a few.

Function. Everyone wants a kitchen that is user friendly, has adequate storage space and and is easy to get around. Simply upgrading the cabinets can provide a tremendous amount of functionality to the space.

Beauty. A kitchen transformation can transform your home. Getting rid of old linoleum floor, formica countertops and outdated cabinetry replaced by stone or stained concrete, granite/quartz counters and modern walnut cabinets elevate the aesthetics considerably. Make your kitchen a key feature of your home, not an eye sore.

Energy Savings. By updating your appliances, you may be in for a surprise on energy savings depending on how old you current appliances are. The savings will not stem from only its electrical consumption, but from water consumption as well. Let’s not forget that new appliances do look amazing.

Cost vs Value. Of all the rooms in a home, it is reported that home owners see between 65-70% in recouped costs from the remodeling of a kitchen. This shows that kitchens typically provide the highest return compared to any other room remodeled.

Your kitchen is the most highly visible and most trafficked room in your home. It is frequented by all family members as well as friends. This makes the kitchen the most important room in your home. It’s a place where people gather. It’s a place where meals are shared. Here, function and flow are critical components. DCP can create a modern kitchen for you that will bring joy to you and your family for years to come.